The Oneida Community Limited Story – Part II

(Click here for Part I of the Oneida community’s story, from its early roots in “perfectionism” and preacher John Humphrey Noyes’ practices). When we first wrote about the Oneida community’s origins, we left off discussing how they would go on to leave a permanent imprint on society. Now we will explore how Oneida Ltd. was… Read more »

The Oneida Community Limited Story – Part I

The Oneida Community was built on perfection; the teachings of perfect, at least. Preacher and socialist John Humphrey Noyes lead his religious following into Oneida, New York to establish a utopian society based on the foundations of perfectionism. In Oneida he established a self-sufficient community of members who learned how to make everything from canned… Read more »

Identifying Your Silver: A Mini Guide

Finding the country of origin of your cherished silver or silver plate flatware is going to take a little bit of research. To grasp the history behind your cherished silver or silver plate flatware, you must first identify the distinguishable marks that make these pieces so unique. We’ve created this guide to help you get… Read more »

Chicago Columbian Exposition’s Influence on Silver Plated Flatware Design

1893 was a monumental year in United States history, both culturally and economically. Chicago became host to the first World’s Fair, and many surviving relics have made their way to museums and cultural centers for safekeeping. Among the relics you will find the exquisite flatware pieces designed in a pattern named after this cornerstone event…. Read more »

Something Old, Something New: Family Heirlooms as Wedding Jewelry

The “something old, something new” wedding day tradition is linked to the late 1800s, when  the Old English rhyme was first encoded by author Charlotte Sophia Burne in her work,  “Shropshire Folklore: A Sheaf of Gleanings.” Brides who follow this age-old wisdom hope for a lifetime of wedded bliss. To honor the practice, many brides… Read more »

Hello, and welcome to our new blog!

This is where we will be sharing information regarding silver plate flatware and some interesting facts gathered during our research. The flatware that we use for our creations is vintage, dating from the late 1880’s thru the mid 1970’s. That is 90 year’s worth of history that some of these pieces have been through. So… Read more »